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What Motivates Me



As a proud “Army Brat,” I know what it’s like to move. I also worked all of my 25+ year professional career before entering Real Estate raising millions of dollars as a fundraiser, membership manager, event planner, and director of numerous local non-profits including The Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas, Texas Public Radio, and the San Antonio River Foundation, including helping to raise the funds to build Confluence Park on the Mission Reach of our beautiful San Antonio River. So I understand the importance of building relationships, marketing, and speaking to a target audience in their own language! 


When my mom had a massive, life-changing stroke at the end of 2016, I left the non-profit sector to care for her in our home, and to pursue a career in an area I’d always wanted to work outside my own investing – Real Estate.


Part of my philosophy carried over from my years in nonprofit, probably, is that I truly believe everyone should be able to have a home to call their own... that it’s one of the most important investment decisions a family or individual can make in a lifetime... and that it is the primary path to building wealth for regular people in America.


With that stated, the process of buying or selling a home requires checking a LOT of boxes – more than many prospective homeowners and sellers realize when they first begin to contemplate the process. And that process often comes with issues and stresses that can be overwhelming for many.


As a full-time, professional REALTOR®, it's my job to gain a clear understanding of my clients' Real Estate wants, needs, desires, and goals, and to help remove or alleviate the stresses of buying or selling their home, providing the resources and support they need to make the process run as smoothly and as painlessly as possible.


I take that job very seriously.


My personal Mission Statement throughout my working life has always been to "Help People." After all of my years in non-profit management, as a primary caregiver in my own home and, now, as a professional REALTOR®, that’s still what motivates me. I would feel privileged and honored to help you, too.






I help people buy, sell and invest in Real Estate. I will give the best possible customer service and respect you throughout the process as we work together to achieve your personal Real Estate goals.

Listing Consultation

Selling your house is a huge decision. Getting it listed with a Realtor who truly understands your needs, has a solid marketing strategy,  and understands the current market, is essential!


When you decide you're ready to buy, it's important to begin the process by carefully assessing your wants and needs. We'll assess and work together early on to make your home-buying dreams a reality.

Property Staging

Not sure how to best present your property for greatest impact? I will help you edit and pull it all together so that it sings to prospective buyers!

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